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Gothic arched mantle clock


Stock Number

: 3756 A


: 1890

Price : $1,995.00

A German Gustav Becker mantle clock with eight day movement and Westminster chime.  The mahogany case is in the form of a Gothic arch.  The silver dial has Roman numerals, and a dial for silent or chime also a running speed adjuster. Complete with pendulum and suitable key.  Fully serviced and all in superb condition.

One of the better German clockmakers from the mid to late 19th century was Gustav Becker. Becker was born in 1819 and trained as a clockmaker in Germany and Austria. He opened his workshops in Freiburg, Silesia, Germany in 1850. Becker struggled with untrained help at first but won a Golden Medal, the Medaille d’or, at the 1852 Silesia Trade Exposition for design. Becker incorporated that first medal and his initials, G.B., into his trademark. This award gave him the recognition that he needed to attract skilled craftsmen to his workshops. Numerous awards and certificates followed, from trade expos as far-flung as Australia and as close to home as Vienna.