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Persian bowl


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: 8130


: 1780

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A late 18th early 19th century Persian hand painted tin glazed bowl with geometric design.  Please note there are a few rim chips. Size: 26cm diameter.

Tin-glazing is the process of giving ceramics items a tin-based glaze which is white, shiny and opaque, normally applied to red or buff earthenware.

The earliest tin glazed pottery appears to have been made in Iraq/Mesopotamia in the 9th century, the oldest fragments having been excavated during the first World War from the palace of Samarra about fifty miles north of Baghdad.  From Mesopotamia it spread to Egypt, Persia and Spain before reaching Italy in the Renaissance, Holland in the 16th century and England and France shortly after.

Tin-glazed pottery fell out of common use in the 18th century after Josiah Wedgwood formulated a very white earthenware body. There has been a revival in the twentieth century by studio potters. Some twentieth-century artists painted on tin-glazed pottery, for example, Picasso who produced much work of this kind in the 1940s and 1950s